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Saturday, November 11, 2006


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I have a new address!


just click the link above to access my new site.

if you still use this address, no problem, im still using it, but mainly for archives and linking stuff only.

i realized it would be difficult to manage two blogs at once so i decided to use the other one, for a change...


Tuesday, November 15, 2005


okay, i did it, here's my most recent addition to my zorpia albums:

My MaNiLa aLbuM

take a look, you'll find some pictures freakin' amusing!

some previews:

Monday, November 14, 2005


im currently uploading some (because there are thousands of 'em) of the photos i have when i went home to manila (for four freakin' months) and i will add them later at my zorpia library so you guys can see them and laugh at my sibling's psychedelic whims of taking pictures of themselves... by themselves!

meanwhile i've uploaded this clip of my kitten aptly named miming. we have tens of names for him (took us quite a while to figure out his gender), some of which are as crazy as halimuyak, but he only responds when you call him miming, and so the name.

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<---yves' dancing king clip has been removed as requested--->

(mental, those two.... )

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

back at my desk

i came here last wednesday and im so glad i've arrived during the holidays! but now im back at my desk at the familiar smell of i-dunno-what and back at what i came here to do - surfing! hehe, im just joking.

fewer people here, all saying i lost weight, which makes me smile... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IIIIIT!!! but adding they love me with baby fats better because they said i looked better when i was chubby. whatever...

bambi wasn't as fat as i was expecting him to be, he repeatedly said his tummy is getting bigger but it was because of muscle and not fat, turns out he was working out lately.

ill blog again when i have time, i still have one more artwork to do.

Friday, September 02, 2005

i miss bambi. waaaahhhh!!!!

current blog in hiatus.

blogger is currently roaming the streets of manila.

i miss bambi.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

you will never miss someone until you move away...

i didn't know it would be this hard. hindi ko pala kaya. for 1 straight week i was crying before i can go to sleep, and for 1 straight week maga ang mata ko.

eh engot kasi ako eh.aalis alis, tapos mami-miss-miss din pala sya.

ni hindi ako makanood ng commercial (e.g. camay, knorr, and sunsilk) dahil namimiss ko sya. pumupunta naman ako sa bahay nila at nakikipagkwentuhan sa nanay nya, nakoh, mas malala pang lungkot ang nangyari. magkwento ba naman sya ng mga kalokohan at mga sacrifices nya nung bata pa sya. gumala man ako, yung mga kasabay ko naman sa jeep na magsyota ang napagdidiskitahan ko.

gusto ko na bumalik. di bale nang lunukin ko yung pride ko sa trabahong iniisnob ko dati, di bale nang araw araw mabuwisit kay nognog, di bale nang hindi ako makagala sa day off, basta kasama ko sya. sa pagtulog, sa pagkain, paglalakad sa mcdo pag walang makain sa gabi, panonood sa pc dahil sira ang dvd sa living room, paglilinis ng bahay pag walang pasok.

bakit ganon, no? nung andon ako nag uumiyak ako na umuwi ng pilipinas tapos ngayong andito na ko gusto ko naman bumalik sa kanya. bakit kasi hindi na lang sila magkasama?

pero nung pauwi na kami ni carmen galing pedro diaz para habulin ang card ni yves, sa jeep, habang medyo umaambon, mga alas sais, at nasa dulo kaming jeep para makita ko ang streetlights, doon ko naisip, ah, eto pala ang inuwi ko. ang feeling ng maynila. maraming tao. kanya-kanyang intindi sa buhay. kanya-kanyang gimik. kanya-kanyang plano ng araw. maganda sana, kung may trabaho ka lang sana dito.

karamihan samin sa abroad, ang secret wish ay makapagtrabaho na lang sa pilipinas. hindi naman namin kailangan ng sobrang pera, yung tamang-tama lang pang-araw-araw, with matching gala sa linggo (syempre!)...kaso lang ang hirap talaga ng buhay dito e.

kaya kagabi, habang nakikinig ako ng home radio (o mellow touch ba yon?!?) sabi ko sa sarili ko, pakiramdaman mo ng mabuti yan, kasi matatagalan pa uli bago ka magpa-banji-banji na naman.

kaya eto, tawag na lang ako sa kanila para ipabook ako. 2 years na naman to.(syempre depende kung magreresign ako agad hehehe)...

2 years na pakikisama sa mga ayaw mong samahan. 2 years na pagsunod sa mga taong nagdudunong-dunungan.
2 years ng trabahong paulit-ulit. alang-alang sa kanya.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

day 1 to day 2>>


i was too tired to sleep but too jet lagged to be sleepy. so with just 4 hours of short-lived joy sleeping im back up and running - taking care of things and talking to people who i didn't / couldn't recognize anymore;

• my brother who, from the shape i left him 2 years ago seemed like he was stretched bigger than me. and the voice!

• my baby cousin natnat is already walking!

• my family, all growing taller than me!

now that the excitement is over, i braced myself for not-so-happy talks i know im going to get from everyone.

my grandmother who always reminds me of our school debts, my mother and sister who are always bickering, so are my younger brothers.

only my half-sister remained innocently excited about me being here.

and the bills! why do they have that misconception that every balikbayan has a lot of money? sure, we have, but we're not going to spend it like it's the last day on earth because one, it isn't, and two, it is so hard-earned that it's isn't obviously logical to spend it unwisely. so sorry guys, i will never be as extravagant as the others but i will never leave without fixing the important issues first either, so back off, dorks.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

long distance...

i hate hearing bambi with that lonely longing voice that he usually has when we're apart. especially now that im not sure when i am going to see him. next month or on my birthday. or next year. WTF was i thinking???

i told him to tell me if he can't take it anymore, and i will personally call my boss to regain my job there. heck, i might even do that before he does, the way i miss him... it a lot harder than before because we lived together for two years now and stuff are much harder to take when you get used to it. especially for him because he was left in our house. sleeping alone in our bed.

after he took me to the airport he went to their shop in al a'ali mall and fetched kuya dom and they went to the warbler. papa del laughed at me when i asked him "di ba maraming chicks don?!?"

but on our present situation it will be better for him to chill on places where he will not be sad, i can totally understand if he goes out every night if it is the only way to help him alleviate the loneliness.

he said it's better anyway. if he gets the job in UAE it will be harder if i was there with him in Bahrain because he can never leave me there. and we must be practical. the sooner we save, the sooner we go home. i have to keep that in mind before i go crazy missing him. it is so hard! i want to see him and kiss him and pull those little goatee hairs on his chin, massage him after a hard day's work, ask him to buy me ice creams and oreos...

okay, enough torture already...

june 21, 2005, 14:00, Manila

plane ride

since the take-off from abu dhabi, the pilot reminded us that it will be a turbulent flight, unlike the first one we had from bahrain to abu dhabi, coz we had a connecting flight. imagine arriving there at 11 your connecting flight is at 11:45! i thought i wasn't gonna be able to call bambi to at least inform here that i arrived safely... i boarded my stuff and asked the attendant if i could go out for just a minute to call. of course it seemed ridiculous, but i don't want bambi to worry, he has enough to be sad already. and with 9 hours of flight time from abu dhabi to manila it seemed like eternity and i will just hate myself for making him worry when i could have tried. and stupid me, the card i bought was too expensive for just a one - heck, less than one minute call to bambi. but there was no other choice anyway, they don't have cheaper card. and i also bought one from bahrain international airport and never used it much, too. i am like that sometimes - when i need to do something and i know i won't have peace of mind until i've done it, i have to do it at all cost. and bambi's peace of mind is worth everything.

so... after we ate, the slight turbulence happened every now and then that i got used to it and even convinced myself that it rocked me to sleep.

and you may never believe it but if you watch 'friends' you will never be bothered by turbulence, trust me!

bambi was right, im so glad he insisted to put the camera to my waist!


does it ever happened to you that things happen so quick and it seems surreal that it never registered to your brain? and then one day you'll just realize WTF was i thinking???

when our plane was delayed from the terminal because there was no vacant gate it seemed like it was never going to end, when you thought that the 9-hour flight was long enough already. the pilot was great though, he was talking to the speaker and apologizing to us all. plus the fact that he got us all safe after that bumpy ride.

then after going down to that infamous arrival gate it seemed fast-forward like > seeing my sister with my in-laws > drive home > greet everyone > give chocolates > talk > go to the mall > eat > go home > go to bambi's house to bring pasalubong > go to the apartment we are going to rent > go back home > open the box > talk > watch tv > sleep > wake up > eat >>>>.

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